Horoscope Moon in 8th House

Though you want closeness very much, you often close yourself off and do not really trust others who may wish to get to know you. You are very wholehearted in your feelings and responses to people, and you want all or nothing from the people you care for.

Kepler Natal Report

THE MOON IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE shows gain through partners and co-workers, a probability of money through inheritance, wills or legacies. and when your marriage partner comes under good influences, gain also thereby. This is not the best place for the Moon, but it is good for occult and mystical affairs. A trance or an uncommon death is possible. This position favours mediumship, mesmerism, and all secret or strange psychic affairs. Danger will attend all long voyages, and care should be taken to start under good aspects; you would in all probability be a victim in any public calamity and one of those drawn irresistibly towards any national disaster.

Alan Leo

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