Horoscope Moon in Leo

The portrait you paint of yourself is heroic and towers above the world you inhabit. To live up to the level of your inner picture is a lifetime job requiring energy, courage and considerable sense of the drama of existence. Private satisfactions are not very important to you; you are less introspective than most. You want to see the tangible evidence of success, and like it best if the rest of the world can see it, too. You are a bit of a show off, but since you are utterly honest with yourself, you can laugh at your own vanities, even when they remain important. You want valuable possessions, well-groomed children, good clothes, accomplishments and evidences of accomplishment that others can applaud. Your desires are basically simple, and your methods of getting them direct; you know what you want and are willing to make sacrifices for them. You won’t sacrifice personal integrity, however, or honor, which are the intangibles that do matter to you. Education, culture, art, music, however, matter less. You can take ’em or leave ’em alone; and ten to one, if you do take ’em, it isn’t because they really feed your soul, but because you think evidence of such a soul will in some way add to your prestige. Throughout your life you will strive to fulfill an image of yourself which is less a portrait than a statue dominating the landscape of your life by its size, its beauty, the dramatic quality of its setting and the colorful beauty of its trappings. And in becoming this statue you are likely to become a lot of other more spiritual things which you don’t even desire and which are added to you because of the honest workmanship that goes into your self sculpture.

Moon-Leo: optimistic, congenial, sociable, cordial, proud, coquettish, moody, sentimental, creative, considerate, vain

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