Horoscope Moon in Libra

This is a Cinderella position, for no matter what humble hearth you may slave over, the vision of yourself as you see it is one of elegance, grace and refinement. So strong is this vision, so eager are you to make it a reality, and so genuine is the aristocracy of your spirit that more likely than not the fairy godmother (who is no more than the angel of your own graces) actually appears to carry you to the heights you dream of. You are one of nature’s gentlefolk, and the privileged picture of yourself that you carry in your heart finds its expression in courtesy, graciousness and kindness to everyone. You should never forget your best dream of yourself, or allow the true kindliness and gentleness of your nature to be balked by a blustering exterior. Dare to be true should be your motto. Your courage should be the courage of sympathy and understanding, which you have in such great abundance. Be no more and no less than your heart tells you to be: your instincts are sound, especially in the realm of human relations, and since your special genius lies in this realm, you should follow your instincts unfalteringly. This position gives a peculiar elusive sweetness to the nature, a curious charm to the speech and manner, and allows the best of the inner self to shine before the world, which is brightened and made happier by it. It strengthens the chart of a woman by giving elegance to the expression of the feminine graces; and, in a man, adds depth, strength and character to his masculinity if he is not ashamed to admit to the gentler qualities he possesses.

Moon-Libra: sociable, sensuous, comfortable, lazy, irresolute, polite, attractive, romantic, sensitive, vain, coquettish, moody

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