Horoscope Moon in Pisces

To achieve wisdom, to dwell in the high secluded valley of Shangri-la, to know yourself and your relation to the universe, to be in tune with the infinite, and to be recognized as a person of understanding: these are the constant aims of your life, in the fulfillment of which you satisfy most truly your esoteric picture of yourself. If you want material things, it is so that your study and contemplation may be comfortable, untroubled by worry over security; and if material things are hard to get, you are capable of achieving a philosophy that makes them unnecessary to your contentment and self-development, which is always the kernel of your nut of life. On the other hand, if material things come easily, if circumstances and your total personality conspire to start you on an upward spiral toward success, your inner nature will tell you that success and luxury are, for some deep spiritual reason, your due; and the comfort they bring your spirit may lend you power in getting more and more of them. In no case, however, are material concerns of first import to your deepest and truest self, whose search is always for self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-fulfillment in the intangible sense that depends on nothing outside of you. You are unhappy only when you violate, in action, thought, word, some truth that is essential to you, or when you realize you have acted counter to the dictates of your own self-taught wisdom. Too continuous violation of your own code causes brooding and deep unhappiness, and thus your only sure path to contentment, which is your success, is to make sure that you adhere always to the wisdom already acquired, and build stone by stone toward that high pyramid of wisdom in the completion of which is your success.

Moon-Pisces: sensitive, suggestibel, passively, dependent, self-sacrificing, labile, moodily, gently, nostalgic, medial, lazy

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