Horoscope Moon in Sagittarius

Whatever mundane tasks your life may be occupied with, your spirit will range the earth and the universe, adventuring in the high hills and among the stars themselves. And to whatever task you bring your talents, you will touch it with a universality of approach; for the effort of your soul is to identify itself with large and broad concepts, and you will do it from whatever base your feet of clay must rest in. You are acutely aware of the limitations of the flesh, of the height of your desires, and of the “wide gulf that exists between intention and performance.” In its worst form you will dedicate your life to making the paving bricks of hell: good intentions; and get no further. You always “mean well,” and when you don’t succeed, it is because your goal has been too lofty. “Not failure, but low aim is crime”: no one understands this better than you. When you also understand that setting an unattainable goal is one of the means of escaping responsibility, you will be on the highroad to self-knowledge and therefore success. You must make your goal high, but possible of achievement; and you must learn to gear your methods to the tools that you can lay your hands on. Your soaring spirit is all too likely to ignore realities, to consider itself above good and evil, above the dust of earthly competition, secure in the mansions of the blessed to which you don’t have to earn the key. Or you can go to the other extreme, envision high things, and so despair of achievement. You must take your picture of yourself as a broad and deep person, ant paint it in earthly oils on a practical canvas. When you have learned the technique of life-as-it-is, you will be able to make your image of yourself stand forth in the light and color of success for all to see as clearly as you see it yourself.

Moon-Sagittarius: sociable, optimistic, religious, idealistic, labile, fond of traveling, enthusiastic, self-complacent, moody, vain

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