Horoscope Moon in Scorpio

You take yourself seriously, conjuring up the image of a profound, wise and consequential person. To live up to this private picture in reality is a lifetime task; for you are your own accusing angel; your spirit stands aloof from the antics of your body, criticizing often, approving sometimes, always holding before the eyes of your soul a standard of profundity and depth which the poor flesh does not always achieve. Your standards are moral only in the highest and most general sense, with the morality of heaven and hell rather than of the confining flesh. You may be, or may become, angelic; but in the process you may first be the devil’s child, following your instincts even to the brink of The Pit, strong in the consciousness that “if I am the devil’s child, I must do as the devil bids.” A mystic strength enshrouds you even in weakness; you are supported by inner, perhaps unexpressed, convictions; you know what you’re doing, even when no one else in the world does, when your physical body acts strangely, and when your brain and your speech refuse to explain, even to yourself. There is a good deal of martyr in you; if you get the idea that your special genius requires a destructive course, you will follow it with whole-souled intensity, to the despair of your rational nature and all your friends. By the same token, if you get the idea that your genius requires self-betterment, self-sacrifice, even to monasticism, you will follow that, often to great heights. Your will is powerful; it will always work overtime on the side of the image you conjure of yourself. To conjure a high image which requires controlled actions for its realization is your way to control of self and others and to the high successes of which you are capable.

Moon-Scorpio: moody, instinctively driven, profound, excited, emotional, unconscious, anxious, passionate, sinister

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