Horoscope Moon in Virgo

You look upon yourself as an intelligent and useful person, and pretty generally turn out to be that, if not also a great deal more. You have no desire to rule the world or other people or even to make a great splash before them. In fact, you prefer not to be in the limelight, and if you find yourself in it, it is by accident, because you have earned it by the integrity of your private labors. Your wish is to serve, and in whatever sphere you may be you will find the chance to do it. Your personality, while strong and stable, does not obtrude itself on others; you don’t make loud noises or ask personal questions, yet people feel your presence, value your reserve, and are likely to make you their confidant. You have an acute sense of your own worth which you base in a sense of your intelligence. Yet you can value other people who are far from intelligent. You are an intellectual snob only so far as you are concerned, and here you apply the theory of noblesse oblige to realms of the mind, demanding of yourself that you belong to the aristocracy of the intellect so that you may better understand all things, and serve those who can’t. In fulfilling this quiet and modest picture, you are likely to run into some pleasant surprises. You don’t really expect other people to take you very seriously, and are therefore delighted and amazed when they do, and you see your dreams of yourself coming true in the sight of the whole world.

Moon-Virgo: thorough, critical, simple, rational, sensitive, conscientious, reliable, cautious, industrious, practical, loyal

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