Horoscope Neptune in Aries

This position makes you a great individualist, for the subconscious is always whispering to you about your own importance. This can be anything from a creative genius to a bumptious egotist. Mind power is great and must be carefully controlled. You can invent things for personal glory and mass benefit. You can dominate those around you to their ruin and your own. You can give up your life to service, or you can make others give up their lives serving you. Self-deception is especially dangerous, for your subconscious intrudes between you and reality, and you miss the facts of life by being too impressed with your interpretations of them, which can be far from right. You need to become detached and objective, and this requires deep awareness and hard mental work, for you tend to follow hunches and instincts and to rule out the reasonable things which might help you. You have a fine courageous spirit; your self-confidence makes you a rock of strength; and through proper control of inner, subconscious forces you are a big influence in whatever sphere you move.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Aries: dissolution-strength, weakness, sacrifices, ship, fish, chemistry, victim, hospital, medicine, drug, fraud, trance

You are part of a 14 year group of people that pursue religious and spiritual matters in an independent and individualistic way. Church doctrine and dogma are attacked by your generation, and virtually every organized religion undergoes some major changes in philosophy. Your generation also questions other long-held ideals of society and seeks alternative ideals, hopes, and aspirations. Your age group also introduces radically new concepts and styles in art, music, and literature. Avant-garde tastes are fashionable with your age group and classics give way to fresh, new styles.

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