Horoscope Neptune in Cancer

Your early home environment impressed you deeply and even more than most fixed your instinctive reactions to life and conditioned your intuitions. You may range far from the ideal of your subconscious, but this will forever remain fixed in a home of your own, and you will never feel yourself till you are settled in one. Since this demand of the ego is fairly easy to fulfill, you stand a chance of escaping the worst complexes that beset human beings; and once you have established your own hearth and fireside, and rested your soul in it, your instinctual urges should work naturally toward the smooth fulfillment of the total personality. You are extremely sensitive to atmospheres and moods, of places as well as of people, and should allow your instinct to guide you in the selection of a location for your home. Congenial surroundings are necessary for your best development, and peace in the places where you live and work is essential to the best growth of the ego, which instinctively remembers the peace of infancy and the protective atmosphere of the mother and seeks to rediscover these in its physical and psychic environment. If the total personality is passive, weak rather than strong, this can make you a spoiled child all your life, causing you to expect your wife or husband or friends to stand in loco parentis and humor your whims. But in an aggressive and strong nature it causes the personality to be based firmly in simple domestic security, from which it draws strength and the materials of success and progress.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Cancer: dissolution-soul-feeling, vision, far home longing, social dedication, large waters, shores, flora, medicine, mystic

You are part of a 14 year group of people that are highly intuitive, emotional, and sentimental. Your generation approaches religion in an emotional and devotional manner, and is less concerned with specific dogma and doctrine than other generations. You are an emotional and sentimental group that clings to your memories of precious and special moments.

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