Horoscope Neptune in Gemini

The era of change and invention dominated your formative years, and consequently your subconscious is geared to ideas of change and development. You take naturally to innovations and novelties. This can make you (a) broad, tolerant, creative; or (b) flighty, irresponsible, jittery. Either development is possible, for both have their roots in flexibility, which because of the era in which you grew up was built into your nature deeply. This is a complex position for Neptune, for you probably appear to have no complexes – that is, no roots – at all. But the very absence of roots is your complex, and you need to find roots in the outside world to make up for the shifting sands on which your subconscious builds. You need to study the externals of life carefully and find your stability in things and ideas gained intellectually. When you have done this, your natural flexibility will help elevate you toward a high personal and cultural standard, and you will find yourself highly tolerant, understanding and creative in your approach to life.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Gemini: dissolution-intelllect, imagination, vision, prayer, excuse, lame, secret, medias, mistake, impostors, beggars

You are part of a 14 year group of people that have a very active imagination. Your age group has a great interest in poetry and fiction, and some of the world’s most creative and imaginative poets and writers are members of your generation. Your age group has a great curiosity about psychic phenomena, astrology, and other metaphysical sciences. Your generation also takes a rather intellectual, nonemotional attitude towards religion, and is quick to see logical flaws in religious doctrines.

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