Horoscope Neptune in Leo

Neptune In Leo: Personality Profile. Symbolized by the lion in astrology, Leo is fiery, fearless and a natural-born leader. So with Neptune in Leo, they inspire others with their innate charisma and infectious zest for life. … Naturally artistic and creative, Neptune in Leo finds inspiration wherever they go.

Your instinctual urges are for self-fulfillment or self-dramatization and, above all, for self-approval, to have which you must also have love, not as a protection or a haven, but as an index of your personal worth. This is a highly creative position, polarizing all the instincts toward expression in art or service of some kind. You were “born wise” and belong to a generation that takes a lot for granted without being smart-alecky or sophisticated in its effect. The intuitions are direct and warmhearted; the need for approval gratifies itself by seeking love rather than respect, and generally winds up with both. You must guard against soft-heartedness and sensational tendencies, for you are so sure of yourself that you are willing to try anything once and can get burned through romanticizing too far. You can be imposed on and get into trouble by thinking everyone as magnanimous as you are.

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Neptune-Leo: dissolution-forming, mysticism, vision, illusion, sea, dream castle, art, game, entertainment, drug, medicine

You are part of a 14 year group of people that have a very vivid and colorful imagination. A love of color, fashion, and drama is very strong. Your generation gave tremendous impetus and growth to Hollywood movies and other spectacular arts. Most people of your age group have many fantasies and naive, starry-eyed ideas about movie stars and other idols. Needless to say, this tendency to idolize someone can lead to big disappointments and those of you who married early in life projected your fantasies on your spouse, and had to gradually face the realities as you matured.

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