Horoscope Neptune in Taurus

Your deepest subconscious springs proceed from the economic soil in which you grew. (1) If you were poor or economically insecure, your whole personality has been conditioned by your acceptance of, or rebellion against, this circumstance. Your intuitions come directly from this source; your instinctive reactions are related to poverty or the overcoming of it. (2) If you were rich or secure, you have taken this for granted, and you have your intuitions and instincts self-assured, though this doesn’t mean that they have been correct. Whatever condition surrounded your birth and early life, you will discover that the wellsprings of your instinct are somehow rooted in concepts of property and security, and that deep below everything else the security and property motives are permanently fixed.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Taurus: dissolution-form-safety, country life, natural love, healing powers, intoxicating celebration, forbidden fruits, shore

You are part of a 14 year group of people that are very practical and down-to-earth in their religious philosophy and spiritual outlook. Your age group incorporates its ideals and visions into everyday life, and invests more time and energy than other generations do in beautification projects, developing parks and recreation areas, and preserving beautiful or unique natural wildlife areas. Building construction is also done with careful attention to the aesthetic quality, and your generation finds it difficult to understand how other age groups can erect buildings with so little aesthetic appeal.

Your age group does not speculate a great deal about spiritual and metaphysical matters. You are more involved in utilizing your imagination and intuition in practical, artistic ways rather than exploring metaphysical issues. Some of the art and music of your generation is among the world’s most beautiful.

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