Horoscope Pluto in Gemini

You are part of a 30 year group of people who have a lighthearted and carefree attitude towards life. Your subconscious and emotional needs are not as great and not as difficult as other generations. You approach life in a more airy and easygoing manner. You know how to have a good time and do not take life as seriously as other generations do.

You are a curious and inquisitive bunch and love puzzles and word games. Some members of your generation will follow these interests with great depth, and contribute spectacular breakthroughs in the areas of languages, mathematics and logic.

These breakthroughs also highlight the importance of educational skills and the benefits they can bring, and your generation is highly motivated to improve the educational standards and academic skills of people. A tremendous push is given to ensure literacy of all people, to develop adequate verbal and mathematical skills, and to slow down the dropout rate from high schools. Needless to say, these are noble goals that all generations support, but your generation puts a much greater emphasis on these issues than others age groups do.

The generation following yours is far more emotional and personally sensitive than your group. Consequently, many of you are oblivious to the emotional support and tender nurturing that your children (who are likely to be members of this next generation) require.

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