Horoscope Saturn in Cancer

This is a powerful if complicated position and generally indicates a parent fixation. The need for self-justification is the deepest driving force of the life, welded into the psychological background by circumstances of the early environment, and causes you to take one of two directions. (1) You become an introvert: you despair of being able to justify yourself and withdraw into yourself defeated. This of course is a destructive development, and should be fought off in favor of: (2) You require the maximum of self-justification to overcome a deep sense of inferiority and go out to battle the world aggressively to compensate for your (real or imagined) shortcomings. Psychologically, this is a “little man” position: your opinion of yourself is low, and you make up for it by assuming it to be high and living up to the assumption. This leads to success through considerable tension and stress. Material matters are important to you; security is one of your requisites, and you may acquire, and lose, much property before you die. Acquisition may be closely linked to your need for self-justification and thus make you grasping. You may come from a poor family and feel the need for overcoming the initial handicap. Or the power urge may be related to possessions. Though a home is important to you, you are not a warm-natured person. You may delude yourself into thinking you need love and sympathy which you don’t get, but close examination will prove that what you really want is respect – which you will get. You can utilize this position of Saturn as the hub of your life, and from it make the spokes extend far in almost any direction.

Grant Lewi

Saturn-Cancer: law-soul-feeling, home, tradition, conscience, duty, worry, farmhouse, parents, educator, parting

You fear becoming emotionally dependent upon others, and may distance yourself or deny your needs for closeness and intimacy so that you won’t be vulnerable to rejection or abandonment. On the other hand, you may cling excessively or need constant reassurance from loved ones and family. Developing a deep, inner sense of security, as well as the ability to give and receive nurturing are important tasks for you.

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