Horoscope Saturn in Libra

You appear to have little need to defend yourself, because your justification comes directly through others. You are capable of being one of the best adjusted of mortals, living easily with your associates, in getting along with whom your deepest ego is vindicated. This position of Saturn is bound to take you out of yourself and turn a major portion of your attention to the outer world and the people in it. If you’re a naturally aggressive and extroverted person, this gives you great tact and charm, because of which you get what you want with a minimum of struggle. You don’t have to fight your way along because your deepest intuitions tell you how to win friends and influence people graciously. If your nature is passive or tends to be introverted, you devote your life wholeheartedly to service of others and satisfy your tendency to inwardness by self-fulfillment through sacrifice. In any case, and along whatever lines the total personality leads, this position of Saturn is one of the bst insurances of usefulness, and will tend to strengthen and lend significance to an otherwise undistinguished chart.

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Saturn-Libra: law-harmony, tradition, justice, negotiation, diplomacy, villa, art collection, precious stones, jewelry

You take your personal relationships so seriously that they may seem more like work, constant effort, and compromise, rather than a free and enjoyable sharing. You may feel that relationships in general require more of you than they are worth, and you enter into any close relationship cautiously and conscientiously. You also fear entrapment in close relationships.

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Saturn in houses for libra ascendant

For Libra Ascendant, Saturn is considered most auspicious and highly beneficial planet as Saturn owns two auspicious houses of the chart. Saturn is also exalted in the sign of Libra. This proves to be Yogkarak as it represents one kendra (4th house) and other a trine house (5th house).

Results of Saturn depend on its placement in the horoscope. If well placed and has the aspect of benefic planets, it will give marvelous results. The relations with the children will be cordial. The person will be prosperous and famous and will enjoy the comforts of life.

If Saturn is weak and afflicted, then education of the native may suffer. The native may suffer from lack of mental peace, health as well as problems from children.

saturn in 12, first and second house for libra ascendant

It has been noticed that during its Major Period (Mahadasha) or Major Sub-period (Antardasha), Saturn provides favorable results, if well placed. However, period of Sadhe Sati (it is a period when Saturn passes through 12th, 1st & 2nd houses of one’s natal Moon), may give health problems.

Saturn Retrograde in Libra

Saturn’s retrograde through partnership-oriented Libra is a time to go back and keep working on creating harmonious relationships with others. When there are relationships in our lives that have fallen apart due to disagreement or a lack of balance and understanding, Saturn Retrograde gives us the opportunity to heal old wounds and mend these connections back together.

Saturn Retrograde in Libra is also a time to look at the contradicting energies within ourselves. We often feel pulled between opposing forces — wanting both freedom and commitment, craving stimulation and security — and feel we must give up one for the other. But this retrograde is a time to be more open-minded with ourselves and our conflicting needs, which will, in turn, make us less judgmental of others.

Why is Saturn exalted in Libra?

  1. Saturn has control over Air, so primary significator of the Air; hence called as Vayu tatva grah (Mithun (Gemini), Tula (Libra) and kumbh (Aquarius) are the Vayu (air element) tatva rashi therefore falls under the jurisdiction of Saturn).As a result Saturn is more comfort table in Vayu tatva rashi.Now why Saturn is not exalted in other Vayu tatva rashi’s like Mithun and kumbh?basic reasons:a) Relationship of Saturn with Venus is stronger than Saturn’s relationship with Mercury, though Saturn is friendly to both but Venus is the favorite chap of Saturn, hence Saturn is not exaltated in Mithun. As per lal kitab, there is an inherent connection between Saturn and Venus, they both comes to each other rescue when caught in a problem. You all must have seen that the most eventful antardasha dasha in the mahadasha of Saturn is that of Venus, now whether it’s GOOD or BAD, it depends on many factors.Kumbh is Saturn’s own and Mooltrikona sign, hence this possibility is also ruled out for Saturn’s exaltation.So Saturn is exalted in Tula.Note: Saturn is not exalted in Venus other sign, i.e. Taurus because that is a bhoomi tatva (earth sign) and also not the Mooltrikona sign of Venus.b) Another reasoning is, Mithun rashi is a nirjal rashi (0% water content), kumbh is a ardhjal rashi (50% water content) and Tula is a padjal rashi (25% water content), Tula is preferred by Saturn also because Saturn is the enemy of moon i.e. jal tatva planet, since kumbh has 50% water content, it manages that by owning it but is not completely delighted over there, on the other extreme Mithun is a nirjal rashi which is also not preferred by Saturn. Hence exalted in padjal rashi tula….now why exactly Saturn does not prefer Nirjal rashi (0 % water content sign) the answer lies in the formation of our planet where water’s shareis itself 70 % only few planets like sun(which itself is fire element) prefer the Nirjal sign and that is the reason why Moon gets uncomfortable in Mithun and Virgo sign if not aspected by shubh planets more so because for moon mercury is the enemy, anyways lets move ahead.

  2. General character of Libra rashi matches with that of Saturn i.e. both are judicious in dealings, hence Exalted in Tula.

  3. Libra is the sign of balance and Saturn is the Planet of balance or Justice, hence Exalted in Tula.

  4. Libra rules the west direction and Saturn gains Directional strength in 7th house which coincides with west direction. This could be understood as per the kalchakra too, hence exalted in Tula.

  5. Libra is the southern sign and Saturn’s both rashi’s Makar and kumbh coincides with south direction (10th house and 11th house) as per the kalchakra system, hence exalted in Tula.

  6. Both Tula and Saturn rules dhatuu (or metal)

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