Horoscope Saturn in Taurus

This position presents the simplest and most direct manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation, which you satisfy by material comfort and security. If you have these, life cannot attack you in any way that matters deeply. The need to defend yourself in emotional, intellectual matters is not deep, and you are therefore an easy person to live with because your deep ego centers don’t bristle and writhe at imagined affronts or offenses. You are secure if your body is secure; and are able to bring a great deal of idealism to bear on all of life’s other problems in which you, unlike many others, can be detached and gracious. When you’re materially secure, you have to look out for smugness and self-satisfaction and for a tendency to identify yourself and your work too closely with your possessions and your material status. You are deeply a conservative in finance and can be a penny pincher. You will rarely gamble, and/or lose property because of your own actions, unless through taking security too much for granted, you feel it can’t possibly be lost. Self-satisfaction then becomes overconfidence and is, of course, dangerous. The tendency to take things too much for granted can also lead you to trust some less careful person with your security and to lose it through the bad judgment of others on whom you have, because of over-sureness, not exercised the proper control. Losing security throws you entirely off balance, and you cannot be yourself till you get it back again. You can be secure on little, for stretching money is your long suit, but what little there is must be established as firmly as the Rock of Gibraltar. Needless to say, you are a pillar of society, a believer in life insurance, and a sure-fire customer for gilt edged government bonds.

Grant Lewi

Saturn-Taurus: law-form, safety, possession, land, field, wall, border, way, old mountain farmer, wood, shoes, tradition

You either overvalue or undervalue your possessions and assets. You can also go to extremes in dealing with bodily needs and desires, being either hedonistic or ascetic. You may deny yourself sensual pleasure and enjoyment of the fruits of your labors. You may also be stingy and unable to give freely. Many times you feel that you do not have “enough” to make you feel secure, regardless of how much (money, insurance, etc.) you have!

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