Horoscope Uranus in Cancer

Your genius is exerted along lines of material expansion. Inventions increase your comfort, and the wonder of new things suddenly becoming familiar influences you greatly. Your originality finds its most characteristic expression in seeking security in change and improvement; you are restless, a pioneer eager to move your home (literally or figuratively) onward to new frontiers, never so happy as when you are applying your individualism to an upheaval of some sort, as a result of which you see living conditions bettered. Plenty of unsettlement has accompanied your life as a result of this urge to go upward and onward. However, the adventurous spirit has been yours, and even if your impatient genius has upset your world, you wouldn’t live your life any other way.

Grant Lewi

Uranus-Cancer: freedom-soul-feeling, surprise, revolting feelings, emancipation, separation, household technique

You are part of a 7 year group of people who have a strong need to feel unrestrained by family ties and personal heritage. Your age group tends to find personal relationships very restrictive, and also tends to feel alienated and distant from family ties and concerns. Forming long-term personal relationships is difficult for your age group, and divorce rates are high in your group. However, you are an emotional and sensitive group also, and this instability is painful at times. Finding personal freedom and closeness with others at the same time is a big challenge for you.

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