Horoscope Uranus in Sagittarius

Your originality requires scope and proceeds from vision. You generalize readily, feeling yourself most at home, and in the sphere of your greatest mental efficiency, when dealing in large terms, ideas, symbols. This can make you a great artist or thinker or philosopher or preacher – or it can make you just a fuzzy thinker, never getting down to cases. You should learn the worship of facts, and you need never worry about getting stodgy, for facts will always be to you the stones to build generalizations from and will never make you a groundling. You have a kind of fear and contempt for the earthbound, feeling that your true genius takes you out of the class of mere bookworms and grubbers into a higher atmosphere of the spirit. No idea is too lofty for you to grasp – or so you think. And by being willing to grasp facts first and build the ideas from them, you can be really as high and profound as you imagine yourself to be. When you learn the value of knowledge (as insurance for your ideas), you can be a real intellectual force, and it is in this role that you find your truest expression.

Grant Lewi

Uranus-Sagittarius: freedom-ideals, utopia, intellectual and technical adventures, evolution and discovery, traffic engineering

You are part of a 7 year group of people who are extremely enterprising and forward-looking. You are optimists and explorers. Your age group shoots for the stars, figuratively and literally. Space exploration takes on new dimensions as your age group pushes fervently to the next frontier. There is a buoyant and youthful optimism and enthusiasm in your group, and you have your share of great discoveries as well as pipe dreams and disillusionment. The discoveries and contributions, however, are many, and more than compensate for the failures.

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