Horoscope Uranus in Virgo

Your originality is most likely to assert itself along lines of organization, routine, or social welfare. If you work along your most characteristic lines, it will be to make some contribution to social or business systems. You can be an efficiency expert in the service of capitalist industry and make your genius valuable along that line. Or your desire to serve may take a broader and more humanitarian form, and you may become a leader of social thought, applying your systematic genius to large problems of labor and social welfare. Your most characteristic expression will be found in connection with work, its methods and its efficiency; or in connection with social service and progress. You are more likely than not to be on the side of social change aiming at division of labor and the general good of society, and probably feel at home with the changes and even turbulence.

Grant Lewi

Uranus-Virgo: freedom-analysis, order change, reform, strange order, changeable employer relation, computers

You are part of a 7 year group of people who employ their skills and creativity to bring about a great deal of practical reform in education, medical care, and other social services. Your innovations are not radical or unusual, but they are usually effective.

Your generation also has a curious mixture of both conservative, ethical people, and rebellious, disruptive people. There seems to be little middle ground for your age group, and you swing to one extreme or the other. The conservative people strive to reinstate strict moral standards, want to swiftly punish criminal behavior, and strive to highlight the importance of old-fashioned values in our lives, laws, and overall life style. On the other hand, the rebellious people of your generation are angry at the established way of doing things and act in a defiant, crude, and coarse manner.

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