Horoscope Virgo 3rd Decanate

The last decanate of the northern signs is pictured by a crown of twelve iron spikes. This Venus – decanate of the mental sign Virgo is the point from which the Sun passes into the winter section of the zodiac. And so the serpent, picturing the first decanate of Libra is represented with his fangs just before CORONA BOREALIS – the Northern Crown – as if to strike.

Virgo, as a whole, corresponds to the house of work. So this last decanate seems particularly given to working in behalf of others. People born here find their greatest possibilities in the realm of service. When they can lose sight of the reward, and labor enthusiastically for some noble cause, they live to their utmost. Even though the laborer is worthy of his hire, yet those born under this influence are often called upon to give up the things they would prefer to do for the sake of duty. Though the material reward is a crown of thorns, yet the gain in character and soul-power always more than repays for all sacrifice.

Henrich Daath, who labored so steadfastly in the cause of modern astrology, was born with his Individuality here. Leo Tolstoy, who though born of nobility, lived so simply and made so many sacrifices in the cause of peace and purity, had his Mentality in this decanate. And Swami Triganiteti, the Vedanist teacher who was blown to pieces in his temple in San Francisco by a fanatic, while he was faithfully serving his religion, had his Personality polarized in this place. It is the decanate of RENUNCIATION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A white woman and deaf, or an old man leaning on a staff; the signification of this is to shew weakness, infirmity, loss of members, destruction of trees, and depopulation of lands.

10 of Pentacles – Wealth:

Completion of material gain and fortune; but nothing beyond: as it were, at the very pinnacle of success. Old age, slothfulness; great wealth, yet sometimes loss in part; heaviness; dullness of mind, yet clever and prosperous in money transactions.

Number: 10
Card Title: Ten of Pentacles
Esoteric Title: Lord of Wealth
Numerical Keywords: 10: Sensations, Completion, Consequences
Numerical Attributions: Elements, black citrine olive russet, Soul, Evil
Intelligence: Resplendent Intelligence
Element: Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Physical, Materiality, Worth
Elemental Attributions: North, Winter, Midnight
Astrological Attribution: Mercury in Virgo
Dates & Timing: September 12 to September 22
Qabalistic World: Malkuth in Assiah
Translation of World: The Kingdom of the Material World
Suit Color: Pentacles – Green

Keywords: Riches & Wealth, Inheritance, Completion, Legacy, Birthright, Community, Friends and Family.

Ill-Dignified:old age, slothfulness, dullness, robbery, loss, insecurity, uncertainty, conflict of loyalties

Interpretation: Homecoming, Archives, Gain and fortune, Pinnacle of success. Old Money. Fame but nothing more.

Reversed Interpretation: Feeling burdened by family responsibility. Feeling estranged. Rejecting traditions and family values.

Alan Leo: This will soften the critical and somewhat selfish side of Virgo and bring a more intuitive and receptive tendency into the life. The native will now find his financial prospects improve and he will have opportunities to bring monetary affairs into a better condition than formerly, according to his ability to use the influence. He will find him¬self more.obstinate or self-willed or stubborn and firm, but ma, turn this into determination and strength of purpose. To those who are very progress ve it will bring that true obedience which gives all the sympathetic qualities combined with an eager mentalitv; for it is an attempt to combine Venus and Mercury, that is love and intellect, so that by this obedience service of the highest kind may be the result. The most successful are those who work for the sake of work, without the motive of self at the back of the effort; but this is a very high ideal. For those who are making ordinary progress it will bring better conditions and an improvement in financial affairs.

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