How to Become an eSport Pro: The Things You Need to Go though

If you are into gaming so much, you may want to know how to become an eSport pro. These days, gaming athletes gain the same popularity and also wealth – just as much as the ‘regular and traditional’ athletes. Don’t get me wrong; these athletes can be extremely rich and loaded. Not to mention that they can enjoy a sense of pride and prestige whenever they can compete in the events, and win them.

However, just like the regular athletes, you need to hone your skills if you want to become a professional gamer. So, how do you become a pro and enjoy the fame, wealth, and popularity?


Choose Your Special Game

With so many different types of games out there, it may be overwhelming to narrow down your option to a particular subject. But every gamer has their own interest and like. If you really want to be a professional gamer, and you want to compete in many games and events or Agen Idn Poker, then it’s crucial to choose the right game that really appeals you.

Do you know that you have bigger chances of success and excellence when you are truly and genuinely interested in the game you’re playing? It’s because you are passionate at it. You don’t excessively work hard for it. Playing the game somewhat feels natural for you. So, before you start thinking about joining the professional world, you need to think about the eSport games that you love; something that gets you excited and giddy just to think of it.

Have a True Dedication

Dedication is one of the crucial keys to be a successful and professional eSport athlete. If you are easily bored, this may not be the one for you. If you are easily excited one time, but then becomes uninterested anymore the next, it’s also not the world for you. Want to know how to become an eSport pro? You need to dedicate yourself in it.

Make sure you really understand everything about it. Do you know the history? Do you know the concept? Are you well aware of its shortcuts, codes, and strategies? Basically, you need to be a specialist in the game you love so much. You need to know more than others. You need to remember, even if you are super excellent in doing your things, there are always other people who have the same skill as yours – and even more!

Watch (and Learn from) the Pros

You can always learn from professional players before you. One key in knowing how to become an eSport pro is to take as much information as possible. You should be able to watch videos of top professional players before you. Learn about their tactics and strategies. Not only you can learn about their playing tactics, but you can also learn about their behaviors under pressure. Do they seem stressed out? Can they still remain calm? You’d be surprised to find out that these kinds of information and knowledge would be extremely helpful for your own development.

Which Platform Is Perfect?

After you have decided on a particular game that you like, the next one is to choose which platform that suits your skills. Most eSport competitions focus on PCs, while the numbers for console gaming are rather limited. However, if you are into fighting or combat games, you’re lucky because there are tons of eSports console game competitions. However, don’t let such a thing deter you. Nowadays, many big sponsors (such as Microsoft) taking part in the business. It leads to many creations of eSports events and leagues, especially for the consoles. For instance, professional athletes take part in competitive League (by FIFA) or Super Smash Bros events.

Invest in Equipment and Gear

If you want to be a professional gamer, you need to have the right electronic equipment. After all, you are competing as a professional electronic Sports athlete. How will you practice and get to know the game well if you don’t have the PC or the console game? Be sure to choose the right keyboard and mouse. Right here means that you are comfortable using with. Basically, these are the basic things that you need to be familiar with. You want to get used to them because they come in various sizes, forms, specs, and also sensitivity.

But then again, if you learn from the professional players, you can also learn about the gear and equipment they use. Professional players must have their own preferences, which you can use as reference. Then, you can try adjusting those lists to your own personal preference. Again, this process doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why it is impossible to become a pro in an instant.

Practice, practice, and practice

It’s true that practice makes perfect. How can you improve your skills if you don’t know the game by heart? Amateurs only play (and practice) when they are in the mood. Well, you won’t be able to do that anymore if you are planning to be a pro. Again, gaming mechanics and familiarizing yourself to it are crucial. Not to mention that you must develop different strategies, get used to moves and maneuvers, and so much more.


It’s never easy when you prefer the professional path. But then again, if you have the passion, you won’t think of it as a burden. But you must be honest to yourself whether you really want to learn about how to become an eSport pro in.