There are times in life when we become complacent and comfortable … so comfortable that we resist change and growth. Although you’re filled with passionate and fiery energy, you’re a Fixed sign who craves stability at the end of the day. You like your ruts.

The universe pulled the rug out from under you in terms of career last month. Uranus moved into your 10th House of Fame, Profession, and Honors, rattling you in terms of your long-term goals. What you thought they were and how you thought you were going to achieve them suddenly came crashing down. It’s possible you’re still staring blankly into an empty space of not knowing what to do next as June begins. That’s perfectly fine. At least in this area of your life you are no longer complacent.

As far as your love life and partnerships go … well, that’s another story.

The good news is that Venus will move through Leo from June 13-July 9, blessing you with an extra dose of magnetism, beauty, and confidence that you’ll use in everything you do. Your winning smile will help you get you further in life this month, so don’t be shy when it comes to flashing those pearly whites and blinding others with your radiance — it can melt anyone this month.

The tricky energy begins to emerge by the end of June, specifically on June 26. Mars will turn retrograde at this time, right in your partnership sector. He remains in this state of backwards energy through August 27 and it’s likely to cause quite a ruckus between you and someone close.

Here’s the deal. Remember those ruts we talked about earlier? The ones you tend to put yourself in and then ignore as you go about living your life? Well, it seems that you’ve gone and done this in a relationship, whether business or personal. Perhaps you’ve been on autopilot with this person and because you fell asleep at the wheel, there is now a great deal of resentment about the state of your connection. If your partner feels taken for granted or ignored for his or her individuality, you can expect some trouble in paradise. In all honesty, it hasn’t been paradise for a while, but you’ve just chosen to remain ignorant to it. Now you won’t be able to ignore the problems anymore. A lack of passion between you two might be a symptom that is rooted in a much deeper issue. You’ll need to figure it out and eventually you will. Now that is truly a beautiful thing.


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