Leo Past Life

Leo symbolizes the consciousness wherein there is strength, creativity and virility, as well as a certain headstrong or willful nature in how you apply yourself in relationship with others.

For instance, reading biographical or historical novels about European royalty, daydreaming about the courts of Kings and Queens of modern Europe or ancient times and other grandeurs of the past may bring to your conscious mind memories of previous incarnations when you were at the forefront of things. Hence to this very day there probably remains within you considerable inner strength along with a strong feeling for behind-the-scenes intrigues as well as a powerful sense of individualism. These qualities are probably connected with your past life experiences involved — directly and indirectly — with leaders of society and government.

You are also likely to have an above-average interest in the great artistic and spiritual accomplishments of the grand cathedrals and great churches of Britain and Europe, as well as the ancient temples of the Mediterranean world.

In addition, you may have been one of the higher-ranking Vikings who, like other royalty, also had an exciting lifestyle. And in far earlier times, during and after the last days of Lemuria and Atlantis, you may have been among the Incan pyramid builders in the mountains of South America, the Mayan plains of Central America, and of course, Egypt, the land which is virtually synonymous with great pyramids.

The Sun is the ruler or symbol of Leo, and represents strength and soul force. So, from the Sun’s influence and the past life experiences summarized here, you are inclined to have a special sense of pride and dignity which, depending on how you apply your will and the ideals you have set for yourself, can either enhance or hinder your relationships with others (and hence either advance or retard your soul growth this lifetime).

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