Leo Sun Aquarius Moon

Creative imagination is your forte – what you imagine in the abstract you put into practice, either in art, letters, or mechanical creation, for this is a versatile position with a touch of the inspired. You are romantic, idealistic, and broad-minded. You are loyal in love and loyal to your ideals; and in the highest state of its development this combination will make you a leader of thought. In less highly developed natures this combination will express universality in more personal ways – in unreliability of the emotions, instability of the love-nature, and a tendency to run from one sweetheart to another from sheer restlessness and caprice. But you are fundamentally serious-minded, and even after having your fling in youth, are likely to settle down into a good husband (or wife) and surprise your friends and neighbors. You are inventive and poetic by nature, with a passion to see your dreams come true.

You are a reformer, judge, minister. There’s a great desire on your part to be in some way or another a force felt in the world of people – a sort of pervading social sense that is likely to make you influential in whatever sphere of life you move.

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