Leo Sun Aquarius Rising

Watch out for these argumentative stress bags! They tend to be negative. It’s not all logical. It comes from their uptight, unrecognized emotional nature. If you pay close attention, you’ll hear them say “no” to something, and then explain “yes” without a clue as to what they’re doing. So here again, a better awareness can work wonders. As children, they laugh when they’re disciplined because they’re too stressed not to laugh. It releases their tension. They are strong-minded, big-attitude characters who can be a joy with their sharp sense of humor, but a nightmare with their argumentative and contentious reactions. Remember: Aquarius is the sign of attitude. A good attitude wins these folks the world with good-humored magnetism and an “all for one and one for all” approach, but underlying this loads-of-laughs exterior is a powerful “will to disagree” that can manifest itself at any moment. Leos with Aquarius rising often think in terms of right and wrong when there’s really only a difference of opinion, so they’re likely to dismiss as “absolutely wrong!” anything they disagree with or don’t easily understand. An open mind is the key here. An open mind enables them to see that different ideas aren’t necessarily wrong. With the blending of Leo’s egotism and craving for attention and uptight Aquarius’ Big Attitude, arguments are liable to follow these people around the corner and down the street on a really bad day. When they hear themselves saying, “but I didn’t say anything!” they need to realize that their attitude was showing like a neon sign. If they can harness this natural contentiousness and maintain a level of self-awareness that allows them to keep from being too unreasonable, they can go the distance as highly successful trial lawyers, controversial talk radio personalities, or in any other vocation in which debating skills are crucial or bickering becomes an art form. But without self-awareness, there’s the potential here for terribly closed-minded, boulder-on-the-shoulder, “the answer is always no” sourpusses for whom every trip to the supermarket is a potential ulcer because they can’t help scolding the child who pushes his mother’s shopping cart a little too fast or arguing with the cashier over trivial words she meant only as chitchat.

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