Leo Sun Aries Moon

This is a position of exceptional courage. Your life develops rapidly, for there is nothing in the world you are afraid of, and your intense emotional and physical drive carries you into new adventure, new love, new experience very early in life. In a man’s horoscope this is the sign of a a strong leader, both in thought and action, capable of holding down high executive positions and by courage and integrity usually “getting there.” In a woman’s horoscope the intensity, drive, and lack of fear is more likely to be translated into an active love-life, scornful of the conventions, or in some way willing to give all for love. In both sexes, as a matter of fact, the personal note is too strong at the beginning; personal loyalties, personal loves, strictly personal and self centered aims injure, at the outset, the scope of this configuration. You have to learn detachment, objectivity and intellectual approach, for when you have done this your worth stands a much better chance of being recognized in the world of affairs.

You are capable of becoming a leader, but on the way, you’ll indulge in a good deal of hero-worship, translating your ardent love-nature into an idealistic concept of right-living as you see it in one person whom you strive to emulate. You can love a person and disagree with him violently, without letting the two sides of your nature interfere with each other. You are strong for duty, justice, truth and can give your life to these ideals; you are a fighter, and will never be found on the mean, petty, or sophistic side of a debate. Your magnetism is the product of your energies, and makes you felt in whatever circle you move. You are a devoted sweetheart, a loyal friend, a sympathetic and intelligent boss, a stern but just executive.

Grant Lewi

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