Leo Sun Aries Rising

Now these are some childlike, good attitude folks, who put on a hell of a show with an up and at ’em, no time to waste, ask-me-I’ll-tell-ya, all around good disposition. Aries’ childlike impatience and Leo’s sunny ego are a sure sale. The charming, refreshingly honest Aries personality tempers the Leo ego’s tendency towards self-involvement without compromising its competence and confidence. Leos always leave a big impression, but Leos with Aries rising are more equipped to leave a delightful impression than most other sun sign/rising sign combinations. They adore children, inspire confidence in others, and are so expedient in handling their responsibilities that they’re not insulted by supervision—the job is always completed properly, and long before deadline! The boss grows to love them for their efficiency. Action Aries keeps Leos born mid-evening a step or two ahead of the game. Their forte is vocations that require activity, whether chasing children around a playground or zipping all around town for UPS. [..] They might also find a rewarding career in the military.

If they have a fault, it’s probably rooted in their Aries impatience. Leos with Aries rising can be a real bother, so much so that they’re rarely willing to wait for friends and colleagues who just can’t keep up. Their friends arrive on time but knock on the door only to find that these Leos have already left, ten minutes earlier than planned. They just couldn’t wait any longer! This can leave people frustrated and insulted, and if these Leos come off as self-serving and inconsiderate rather than merely “I just couldn’t wait!” impatient, the offense they create will make problems for them down the road. At their worst, they run over people, sometimes the very people whose company they might most enjoy. The remedy is self-awareness, with healthy doses of Leo magnanimity and Aries charm. Letting up on the gas pedal every now and then will allow others to get ahead of them occasionally. And wouldn’t that be generous and charming?

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