Leo Sun Cancer Moon

You are a well integrated person with an instinctive knowledge of how to make yourself live up to the best that is in you. You are intense, sensitive, and have sound common sense, so that your powers of organization and management or of artistic creation, find good, practical expression. You are devoted to your home and are hospitable and open-hearted, with a warm appreciation of the difficulties of other people. An active sense of humor keeps your feeling for the dramatic from being self-centered; you know your own worth so well that you take it for granted and do not waste time in trying to impress others with it, except in what you do. You are a realist, and whether you work through an artistic, professional, or business medium, your feet are solidly on the ground.

You make your ideals work for you in the world as you find it. A keen sense of life-values gives you an extraordinary appeal to people, for you combine the intellectual approach with a touch of sentiment and heart-throbbery that is very appealing. Romance, sentiment and love are very important to you, and until you have found someone on whom to lavish the generous amount of affection you have to give, you won’t be happy. Women with this aspect usually have plenty of children and love them excessively, while men have the protective instinct strongly marked and are more than ordinarily devoted to their families. You are capable of achieving wide recognition for your personal gifts and talents, for you readily catch the public imagination. You’re one of them, no matter how aristocratic you may be. Soundness is the keynote of your life; everything you do bears the stamp of character, persistence, honor; and whether you become famous or whether you remain obscure, these qualities are inviolable.

Grant Lewi

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