Leo Sun Capricorn Moon

Your great energies are harnessed to a definite and well-controlled purpose. Your ardent nature is directed away from personal matters toward ambition of some very definite sort. You know what you want early in life, and you see to it that nothing, and nobody, gets in your way. You can appear passionate and ardent in love, but this is merely one expression of your generalized intensity and your desire to dominate. If, as infrequently happens, you are unsuccessful in bringing some victim to time, a little-suspected inferiority complex manifests itself – as it does under any species of frustration or bafflement. You are a spoiled child, less from being spoiled in youth than because you spoil yourself. You make demands of the world, and in seeing to it that your demands are acceded to, you achieve success. Your great strength is unswerving purpose with the energy necessary for its accomplishment, and these qualities will take you as far as your imagination can reach.

This is the position of a self-made man or woman. Pride is your strength and arrogance your weakness. Sureness is your prop and over-self-confidence your enemy. You should aim at restraint of arrogance, and a respect for the rights of others.

Grant Lewi

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