Leo Sun Capricorn Rising

These people are the folks in charge and the “keepers of the keys.” They have “I can handle it and do what’s expected, plus” written all over their calm, cool, and collected faces and vouched for in their resumes. With Leo’s pride and Capricorn’s unyielding sense of responsibility, a good job well done is all but guaranteed. Leo’s competence and confidence are just what the doctor ordered for an ambitious Capricorn personality. If these people show up punctually, being respectful and orderly, they’ll end up in charge of the entire block. They’re absolutely masterful! But they might need to be more light-hearted. They’re too sober about everything. They need to smile. If their Capricorn, the Wise Old Goat, will lighten up enough to let their sunny disposition shine through, they’ll not only earn accolades for how well they’ve handled the project or account, they’ll also inspire confidence in others, ensuring a quick climb up the ladder of success.

If these Leos avoid being excessively demanding, they’re superb management people. They’re tremendous organizers. But no one starts at the top, so Leos with Capricorn rising need to be careful not to step on too many toes during their ambitious climb to the coveted corner office. There’s a proclivity towards competition and jealousy here, and these Leos need to be careful not to react with bitter resentment when colleagues are rewarded for their achievements. Instead, they should be genuinely happy for them. Leos love to be alone on the stage, but there’s always a need for good help in a successful business. The establishment of a good rapport, the cultivation of congeniality, and the willingness to be a team player are essential. Remember: Doing a damned good job isn’t always enough to earn the promotion, especially when diplomacy has been thrown out the window.

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