Leo Sun Gemini Moon

You are a person of both action and ideas. Both rationalistic and sentimental, emotional and vigorous, you eventually get your mind and your physical energies working in unison and go far. Emotional flexibility hampers your progress at the beginning of your life. You cast about for an anchor in books, in thought, in ideology of some sort and if you don’t find it, you fall back on your strong emotions. A sort of wanderlust obsesses you always – you want more worlds to conquer, either in actuality or in ideas. You love to impress yourself, and your thoughts, on people and whether you do it through the written or spoken word, or in politics or public life, you become an influence on your group.

Your mind is facile, intuitive, glib rather than profound, facile rather than scientific; but in some way or other you manage to find the appeal that will win the public, and make it very persuasively. Thus you are a successful writer, journalist, editorial writer, or public speaker and through any of these mediums may work yourself into a position of influence. Your ideas, while not based in deep philosophy, have a certain plausibility about them, and your manner of expression is persuasive. You will rarely be found working hard for a living, for you believe in easy money, and seem to know how to get it; you are capable of exerting physical energy, but you’d rather not. You are romantic and not especially constant in love. This position tends to produce two marriages and a whole lot of romance outside of marriage.

You are good company, able to smile when you don’t want to, and always putting on a good front. You believe that those who have, get; and you put your best foot forward even when the other one is halfway inside the poorhouse. Some of the finest bluffs in history have been pulled off by people with this configuration, who seem to be at their best when swimming against the tide or recuperating from one of the blows of fortune which their dashing natures seem to attract. There is something of the bad child about you all your life, with an impish delight in doing or saying the dramatic, the unexpected, and the perverse. On the other hand, you’re capable of doing a complete about face, and when you do, no one (not even the person you have offended worst) can resist your charm and plausibility.

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