Leo Sun Leo Moon

You are deeply ambitious, concentrative, and forceful, with a drive toward success that is likely to land you where you want to be. There is a hard streak in your nature that may not be apparent on the surface, which appears jovial, sunny, and full of health, vitality, and good spirits. But a certain ruthlessness underlies your back-slappery; you’ll never forgive or forget an injury or a slight to your pride or vanity. There is something magnificent about your methods of fighting, whether for yourself or for others – a scorn of your enemies that enables you to demolish them ruthlessly.

You are likely to act from instinct rather than from analyzed personal motive. The outer world is of more importance to you than your private inner world, and your loves, hates, ambitions, and loyalties are all tinged with an impersonal passion that gives you tremendous control over yourself and over others. In love matters you are loyal, jealous, passionate, and though warm enough in one sense, somewhat cold and detached in another. You have a good deal of pride and vanity which can be satisfied either in personal matters, such as admiration, flattery, dress, and the like, or by the broader method of satisfied ambition. The more objective you become, the harder your vanity is to satisfy, and the more it demands a broad rather than a personal satisfaction, the greater will be your happiness and success.

Under any and all circumstances you have tremendous will power and can use it for either the advancement or the destruction of yourself and others.

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