Leo Sun Leo Rising

These people give new meaning to “gangbusters!” They stand out in a crowd, and they love to be noticed. They usually don’t need as much sleep as the rest of us because they’re so robust. As children, they insist they aren’t sleepy at naptime, and they run circles around their playmates. In adolescence they usually give their superiors a run for their money because they’re fearless and unafraid to test their luck, always trying something new. Hopefully they develop better sense later in life. Even though they’re gentle-hearted, they’ve an “out of my way!” demeanor. In double Leo, the sunny disposition and stamina of Leo are impossible to ignore. They have a full-blown, eight-cylinder constitution reminiscent of the Energizer Bunny. The Leo crown of the head is doubly pronounced: There’s usually something about the forehead, the hair, or even the beard or mustache, that stands out. They might even be bald. But a noticeable crown is likely.

[..] Vocationally, they work well with children. They’re trustworthy police officers, maybe involved in police youth programs. They thrive in almost any kind of work that puts them on stage. But in the course of dancing in the spotlight, these Lordly Leos need to be extremely wary of becoming overly intense and coming off as too full of themselves. They’re “do it right the first time” deliberate in everything they do, but they might miss the point in a conversation while they’re mentally rehearsing their next line. Sadly, they’re not the best listeners. And it’s not anxiety; it’s studied competence—but it’s self-absorbed, nonetheless, and it causes them to lose sight of their audience, which is a fatal error for any showman. The more oblivious Leos with Leo rising are about how they’re being received, the greater the chance they’ll be remembered for the big Leonine mess they make rather than their magnanimity, generosity, and competence. Taking a step back to see themselves in context is a strategy they need to employ continually in life.

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