Leo Sun Libra Moon

You are an independent, idealistic, and romantic person. Your idealism amounts to an almost visionary quality and, coupled with a keen imagination, enables you to be in the forefront of your times or your circle. You have a warm-hearted almost sentimental approach to the world which endears you to it. You are highly honorable and have a sense of your own integrity that keeps your romantic dealings on a conventional plane, although your independence frequently urges you to step aside from the beaten track. You are one of the people who, though not believing especially in the conventions, none the less live up to them for you have discovered that you cannot fly in the face of public opinion without reaping the results thereof, and the good opinion of your fellow men is very important to you. You have a sort of instinctive grasp on the public pulse, and whatever your emotional eccentricities may be, you manage to guide them in such a way as not to give offense to the powers that be. The keen edge of revolt is not developed in your nature, and somewhat to your own surprise, you find yourself leading an orderly and useful life while all your philosophy may be rebelling against the limitations and practices of the society you are supporting.

Your idealism goes into action where your own wishes are concerned, but you are not interested in the welfare of groups. You and those you love are your primary concerns. You will sacrifice a good deal for love – either love of a person, love of a career, or self-love-for this is to some extent the position of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own image. Your self-respect amounts almost to idolatry and makes you a trifle vain, both of your dress, your principles, and your ambitions. Though apparently “made for love” and usually appearing romantic and ardent, you surprise people by the vast amount of common sense you bring to bear on matters of the affections. This is part of your self-respect and your rigid code of personal propriety. Nobody is likely to be so important to you as to break these down, and because your avowed ideals about love are somewhat at variance with your practices, you appear sentimental rather than ardent, theoretic rather than passionate. You are capable of envisioning great schemes, plans, and ventures, and of putting them across. You are both expressive and impressionable and, by combining the two, catch the public imagination. Your personal appearance is a great asset to your advancement in life, and women with this combination are usually of exceptional beauty.

Grant Lewi

Leo Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Caring, witty and creative;
  • Negatives: Anxious, indecisive and obsessive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will bring beauty in their lives;
  • Advice: They should take a step back and analyze the moments in which they become egotistical.

Personality traits

Because they’re too optimistic, Leo Sun Libra Moon individuals may perceive reality in a wrong way and the harshness of a situation can cause them to be further confused.

They expect people to be like them, which is warm, reliable and caring. And this is not at all efficient. It’s necessary they learn others can’t live up to their standards.

Because they’re amiable and rarely angry, they will have many friends. Not to mention how the fact that they’re nice and open helps with this situation. When they need to be tactful or to occupy the center of the stage, they are the happiest.

These natives enjoy being around people and having a busy social agenda. Their tastes are expensive. It’s possible their home will house many art pieces.


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