Leo Sun Pisces Moon

You know when to fight and when to run away. A combination of aggression and recession, accurately timed to suit the needs of the world, brings you success. You are no coward in any sense of the word; but you understand the value of material expediency, though in moral issues you will not give an inch. You will go down with the sinking ship of Truth if necessary; but you will not be caught short in the market or play your luck past its reasonable limit. Thus you are a good business man with a large strain of humanitarianism, so that you are able to be successful without becoming hard-boiled. You take care of the people who are dependent on you, having a true feeling for noblesse oblige. You are a philanthropist. You have a keen sense of sorrow and tragedy, and under your bubbling and vigorous exterior you preserve a sort of brooding, philosophic spirit that is well aware of the sadness of life. Being a person of action, you are not content to let this remain merely dejection; you will do something about it in your own way – trying to reform the world through philosophy, donations, social work, political influence – but always animated by the broad motive. Your ambition for influence is for the good you can do rather than for personal glory; for with great self-respect, you combine a true humility of spirit and a real love for your fellow man. You are ardent in love but not constant; the expansive spirit here is likely to seek more than one person to whom to express love. But a certain idealism takes this out of the realm of philandering. You’re too serious a person to be called fickle, though what you do may amount to the same thing. Whatever you do, your motives are of the highest; and if you hurt people, it is only to regret it bitterly, and perhaps in tears, later.

You must resist a temptation to withdraw into a cell of your own building, and to allow your seriousness to degenerate into dejection and depression. Allow your energies to have active outlet, and your idealism and magnetism will carry you far.

Grant Lewi

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