Leo Sun Pisces Rising

Who would’ve thunk it? Low key Leos with a delicate disposition, and all too willing to surrender the stage just to keep the peace and retain their serenity? The secretiveness of Pisces is an unlikely blend for the showmanship of Leo, and it creates both positive and negative results. The key is allowing showy Leo’s ego and Pisces’ yearning for serenity and isolation to complement or temper, rather than overwhelm, each other. For instance, in this combination, the scaredy-cat Pisces personality can be heartened by Leo’s confidence. When these people are tempted to turn tail and run, they do well to remember there’s a lion’s heart beating within them. They have the ability, if they’ll exercise it, to be more reasonable in the face of seemingly daunting circumstances. But Pisces rising never wants conflict!

These Leos’ mid-evening birth instills some very humanitarian values, qualities always useful to people who pride themselves in their contribution. They’re marvelous in people-helping vocations. But their Leo competence and confidence will very likely be cloaked in a sometimes delicate Peaceful Pisces “don’t rock the boat” demeanor. They don’t require fanfare, on the one hand, and they don’t seek out confrontation, on the other; but they’re still Lordly Leos, and the displeasure that Pisces takes in disapproval ensures that they’ll find a way to set the record straight if their unassuming, “don’t mention it” contributions are belittled or taken for granted. Still, their difficulties are often rooted in their Pisces tendency to be too secretive and unwilling to reveal themselves. This attitude is very useful for developing better listening skills, but it’s not so effective at building trust. To top it off, they often enjoy working late at night or spending time alone to reflect and regenerate, so they’re drawn to ethereal callings and Florence Nightingale pursuits or vocations that demand so much of their time and heartfelt attention that their loved ones feel alienated and left out. [..]

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