Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

You are daring, courageous, adventurous, dashing. Your vitality and pace take the world by storm; you were undoubtedly a precocious child, and you always seem to be a couple of jumps ahead of yourself emotionally – and maybe also geographically. This position gives a passion for travel, variety, novelty, and excitement, which in a man makes a soldier of fortune and in a woman makes for romance in large and continuous doses. You have amazing energy, an expressive imaginative equipment, a magnetic effect on others, and, if you can hold in your fiery emotional nature and harness it to a constructive purpose, there is nothing you cannot do. But you tend to let your fires burn you up with their enthusiasms, and though you burn with a brilliant light, you don’t focus it too well. You are likely to go through life getting by on what you are and what you appear to be – on dash, charm, and enthusiasms-rather than on what you do or know or can bring to pass. Restraint is what you chiefly need; you have a lavish gift from Fortune in your personality and the way you can charm people. But until you harness your energies to a purpose, an ambition, a goal, you are likely to zip along like a comet, which is a beautiful, but useless, wanderer in the skies. Women with this configuration make wonderful sweethearts while they’re around, but they usually aren’t around for long – and the same may be said of men. What you really need is to settle down, hold yourself to a job, a marriage, a purpose, a base of operation, by main strength and will power, until your energies get accustomed to the idea and learn how to work in the yoke.

In any and all cases excess independence is your weakness and can be made into a strength only through rigid self-discipline.

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