Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising

Now here’s a person that’s fun to be around! They prance around with a sweet smile and a glowing warmth; they dance and sing and put on a really good show, the absolute life of the party. They’re inspired, positive, and tolerant of error. The warm glow of the sunny Leo ego is well-served by an optimistic, forgiving, Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius personality. These Leos are great company when they put their best foot forward, and they almost always do. But watch out for that Sagittarius “foot in mouth”! Leos born early afternoon are inclined to say things without thinking, though they usually mean no harm. That’s why all is forgiven if they’ll show just the tiniest smidgen of innocent, good-natured repentance.

Leos with Sagittarius rising tend to feel better when they’re outdoors. Being in nature bolsters their faith in life and leaves them feeling at one with God. These people are explorers and adventurers. They might feel right at home as forest rangers or nature tour guides, sea captains or cruise directors, or in vocations that allow them to care for animals. With their ability to inspire others, they’re highly effective in leadership roles and might be excellent coaches or politicians. But it’s also here, in the realm of inspiration, that these people can create their own undoing. [..]

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