Leo Sun Scorpio Moon

Your animal nature is strong. you have a strong vigorous body, and your temperament is shot through with good healthy animal vitality which can burst forth in temper, temperament, hate, anger, passion – or can be controlled and directed to make you a truly great person. You are probably well aware of the duality of your nature. Although you are not introspective, experience must have taught you what you are capable of when you let yourself run away and get out of control – and it also must have taught you how perfectly the world responds to your wishes when you are in full possession of yourself. Everything is colored by your personal biases; you have little capacity for objectivity or detachment. Principles mean little to you – it is human beings, worldly ambition, worldly goods, worldly loves, hates, jealousies, enthusiasms, that matter to you. “All the world’s a stage” to you, and of all the players you are the most important. You are essentially dramatic, and the drama of your life will find you either the hero or the villain, for you are your own best friend – and your own worst enemy. Nobody can really help or hurt you except yourself in so far as you allow lack of self-control to give other people control over you.

When at your best, you are vigilant, perceptive, intense, aspiring, with a well-defined goal toward which you strive constantly and in the seeking of which you may have to walk over other people ruthlessly. This is O. K. with you, for, as said before, abstractions don’t bother you and you have little feeling for justice, and the like, for their own sake. They are all right when they suit your purposes. You are the human embodiment of the principle of the struggle for survival: you feel that if you take care of yourself everyone else will do the same for himself. You are in no sense your brother’s keeper. You believe that “Down to Gehenna or up to the throne, He travels the fastest who travels alone” – and in justice to you it must be said that you’re willing to live and die by this principle – willing to accept the doom that “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” You are a magnetic person and can make people loyal to you. You’re an ardent if somewhat hard, lover, exceedingly jealous and possessive, though keeping your own freedom. You are proud, shrewd, intuitive, forceful and likely to go far, even from a pretty poor start in life.

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