Leo Sun Scorpio Rising

Lighten up! And stop controlling everything! It shows no faith in life. These people take themselves and everything else too seriously. Honestly: If there’s anyone in the zodiac who needs to tone it down, it’s Leo with Scorpio rising! These people are too intense and they push too hard. The combination of Leo and Scorpio results in a “grab the handle and we’re outta here!” gusto, an absence of insecurity, a great deal of impatience, and a “do it now and think about it later” mentality that rarely takes a break. They’re like silent locomotives. They might be highly successful physical trainers with a peacock attitude, or “let me show ya how to hold that bat” PE teachers. Any profession that leaves them in charge suits them just fine. A career in law enforcement might be ideal. They’re comfortable in a great many roles that allow them to take the lead and get the job done with vim and vigor. They always rise to the occasion.

Mysterious Scorpio is naturally suspicious, so when people stare at their awesome image, rather than taking it as a compliment, these too hostile Leos are apt to react with paranoia, receiving the attention as though it’s an unspoken affront. They create a cycle of “Look at me! But don’t you dare look at me!” that confuses people and frightens them away. And, unfortunately, some of those fleeing individuals might have made great friends and useful colleagues. These Leos need to know that if someone is really up to something, they’ll spot ‘em a mile off. There’s no chance Scorpio will miss a thing! So Leos with Scorpio rising need to have their full-throttle fun without taking it all so seriously.

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