Leo Sun Taurus Moon

You are a strong and visionary person, seeing things in the large, with a big amount of practical idealism and hard-headedness that makes you successful in business undertakings that require foresight, courage, and executive capacity. No one ever is in doubt about where you stand, and though you are liable to errors of judgment, you are just as emphatic when you are wrong as when you are right – maybe more so. You are stubborn and lacking in innate diplomacy; you can learn to hold your tongue, but it’s a lesson and not a gift. You tend to speak out your mind – “tell the truth and shame the devil” is your motto – and when what you tell is not the truth, it is from inaccuracy rather than from deceit. You are utterly honest, but you are capable of believing what suits your purposes and your momentary bias, which can be pretty stubborn. Thus you are likely to waste effort straining at gnats and tilting at windmills, where a more tactful person would compromise.

Your integrity will rarely be questioned, nor will your power over people. But your good sense and judgment will often be questioned, until you learn that you can’t make mountains come to you, and that you frequently make mountains out of molehills by misplaced emphasis. When you have adjusted your sense of proportion and learned the lessons of cooperation, your dynamic energies and your high sincerity will win you reward and recognition. In personal matters the same proud inflexibility stands in the way of your happiness; you’re capable of quarreling with someone you really love because of a whim which you come to believe is a principle. You have a quality of huffy pride when your feelings are hurt; you can shut up like a clam – and nurse your high-mindedness till you drive everyone crazy. When not in some such mood you’re a gay and voluble companion, but your moods are sudden, ponderous and hard to work you out of.

Grant Lewi

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