Get ready to make some major moves, Libra. If things have been puttering along for the past few months, especially around work and money, you’re going to love July, which finds you launching yourself into the big leagues. Not only are two of this summer’s scene-shifting eclipses on the docket, but expansive Jupiter will end a four-month retrograde backspin through your financial sector, bringing a flood of opportunities if you’re willing to exit your comfort zone.

Luckily, most Libras will be poised to say yes to success. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until July 22, keeping your mind focused on those long-term goals. Surround yourself with well-connected people, mentors and VIPs from your industry. This month, it truly IS about who you know!

That will ring especially true on July 12, when the month’s first eclipse—a partial solar (new moon) eclipse—ripples through Cancer and your determined tenth house. Solar eclipses mark bold beginnings and can set us on a whole new (and unexpected) path. You could be tapped for a high-profile position or receive a surprise job offer. If you’ve been searching for your true calling, you could have quite an epiphany today.

This is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will fall on the Cancer/Capricorn axis between now and July 2020, initiating a wave of changes around your career, goals, home, family and emotional foundation. Prepare for big changes in both your personal and professional sectors that will shift your work-life balance significantly. This is the only eclipse from this group in 2018; the majority will fall in 2019. Still, it’s a preview of forthcoming changes that set the wheels in motion.

But not everyone deserves an invite to your champagne victory toast today. At the eclipse, the Sun will make its annual opposition to shadowy Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Watch out for obstructive or jealous family members, or for someone in your inner circle who seems scared or threatened by your success. Not everyone will be happy about you taking on a leadership role, especially if they’ve benefitted from you being constantly available to them. They may express their displeasure with subtle shade, by withholding excitement or asking something like, “Are you sure this is really the right move for you now?” Ugh! Whatever it is could completely take the wind out of your sails if you let it—so don’t. Shield your field against haters, and only share good news with people you’re 100 percent sure will support you. It’s also possible that a new gig will mean changes to your lifestyle, family dynamics or living situation—and with mystical Pluto involved, you might want to do a little protection ritual or burn some sage.

Two days before the eclipse (on July 10), lucky Jupiter will end a retrograde slowdown in Scorpio and your work and money house, which you’ve been dealing with since March 8. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, and it’s visiting this flush-with-cash sector from October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018. Bountiful Jupiter only comes here every 12 years, underscoring the fact that this is THE time to break out of any limiting jobs, get free from debt and become a wise steward of your money.

If you’ve dreamed of starting a business or shifting to a path that’s aligned with your passions, Jupiter’s got your back. But even the luckiest Libras may have felt a bit of a slowdown since March. Now, as Jupiter rockets ahead, you’ve got four golden months to act like signmate Cardi B. and make some “money moves.” (On that note, she’s having a pretty darn good professional year, too!)

Libras hate to rush, and actually, it’s fine if you want to pace yourself. Five planets are retrograde this month: Jupiter (until July 10), go-getter Mars in your creativity and passion house, Saturn and Pluto in your domesticity zone, and hazy Neptune in your sixth house of health and organization. At the end of the month, Mercury joins the retrograde brigade. Translation: You may have to deal with some unfinished business, especially in your personal life, even as you stay wide open to all the exciting career news.

You’ll get by with a little help from your friends starting July 22, when the Sun sails into Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork, technology and networking. As a social Libra, you’re a natural people person (whether you admit it or not), and having a strong community always makes your life flow more easily. If you’re building up an online or social media presence, this is a good time to do that.

But once again, proceed with caution. From July 26 to August 19, Mercury—the planet of technology, communication and travel—will be retrograde in Leo, which could cross the wires in group endeavors. A promising collaboration could hit a rough patch, or you might distance yourself from certain difficult people. It can be hard to get everyone on the same page, and if you’re trying to, say, organize a Zoom meeting or a conference call while traveling, it could be a not-so-funny comedy of errors. Your best bet? Slow down, prepare everything in advance and make sure your team is on the same page. Postpone contract signings, and hash out any team tension before plowing ahead. If you’re working on a digital venture, use this time to beta-test and tweak, then launch in late August—or better still, September/October, when far fewer planets will be retrograde.

The month ends with an exclamation point because on June 27, a total lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Aquarius and your fifth house of romance, creativity and self-expression. Something you’ve been holding back MUST be unleashed now—and if it happens to be an artistic breakthrough, a declaration of love (or lust), or truth spoken from the heart, well, good on you, Libra! But because the red planet is retrograde, there’s a good chance some old frustrations and resentments could reach a boiling point. Buyer beware: Some majorly bottled-up emotions could come gushing out unfiltered, especially since this eclipse will be neck and neck with aggressive Mars. One final—important—thing to note: With the moon activating your fertile fifth house, an unexpected pregnancy is also possible.

Lunar eclipses can feel more potent than solar ones because full moons bring endings, transitions and full-circle events. This is the final Aquarius eclipse in a series that’s been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, bringing changes to your love life, self-expression, friendships and communities. Look back to the prior two Aquarius eclipses on August 7, 2017, and February 15, 2018, for clues of what might fully come together now. While you’re at it, reflect on the past couple years. You may have an entirely different circle of friends now, or a whole new approach to love. With the hindsight you’ve gained, you could see the blessing in any challenges you faced along the way—and a newfound appreciation for the wisdom you’ve gained.

Stay tuned: There’s one last eclipse in this series, a Leo lunar eclipse, on January 21. Between now and then, you could learn a few more lessons about detaching from drama and choosing healthy relationships. Those people who seemed like such wild-and-crazy fun might now just look like soul-sucking narcissists who drain your energy. Ain’t nobody got time for that! And if that’s not clear by the end of July, you’re not paying attention: You’ve got big, world-changing things to do. Surround yourself with folks who support and celebrate your success!


Warning: Speed bumps ahead! Passionate Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and your fifth house of amour—and drama—all month, from June 26 to August 27, slowing forward progress in a budding affair or amping up tension in an existing relationship. And since Aquarius is the sign of technology, this reversal doesn’t bode well for finding online love. Retrogrades are associated with the past, and the red planet’s reversal could bring an ex back into the picture. Don’t be too quick to act, however, as your feelings can be overly intense and reactive now.

On the other side of your chart, civilized Venus is cruising through Leo and your collaborative eleventh house until July 9, which can ground you in the face of turbulent and fluctuating emotions. Here the gentle love planet can guide you to step back and be (at least a little) objective. This is your social sector, so if you can’t work this out by yourself, run it by levelheaded friends or just spend more time with them, especially the ones who never fail to cheer—and crack—you up!

On July 9, Venus dips into Virgo and your restful, self-contained twelfth house until August 6, inviting you to ignore all the drama and reconnect with your inner self. This is where peace and tranquility can be found, though it may take a little effort. The first step is to call an official timeout for self-care and move away from toxic or draining people. In this realm of fantasy, imagination and release, you’ll find solitude to be a healing balm in and of itself. And if a sensual companion happens to join you in that bubble, all the better!

Throughout the month, Venus will form flowing trines to innovative Uranus (July 11), structured Saturn (July 14) and transformational Pluto (July 27), all in the most emotional and vulnerable houses of your chart. Let down your guard with a trustworthy person or allow support and unconditional love to enter your life. It takes practice, Libra, but trust us, you’ll get used to it!

Key Dates:
July 11: Venus-Uranus trine

When the planet of sudden change links up with the planet of tender lovin’, it could spark a heartfelt confession or a surprising move that brings you closer. Trust issues may come up, and you might be able to deal them with them in a new, more productive way. Are you feeling ready to make your union more official?


Go, Libra, go! This month is ripe for success as the Sun visits Cancer and your professional tenth house until July 22, backed up by a galvanizing solar eclipse on July 12. Set your sights on one big goal, and don’t get distracted. An influential person could call you out as an up-and-comer to watch, or if you’re a seasoned veteran in your field, you may be recognized publicly for your expertise. When lucky Jupiter powers out of a four-month retrograde slump in your money sector on July 10, you might have a flurry of offers to boost your bottom line or opportunities to land a plum gig.

Just tone down the ego battles, which could erupt thanks to in-your-face Mars making a retrograde backspin all month through your fifth house of drama and self-expression. You could unwittingly come across as cocky or “not a team player,” which will only be exacerbated once communicator Mercury turns retrograde in Leo and your group-activity sector on July 26 (until August 19). Take a step back and reflect: Are you being too self-interested or not acknowledging your Libra squad? Nip any diva antics in the bud, whether they’re coming from you or someone you work with.

But don’t you dare dim your lights on July 27, when a potent total lunar eclipse ignites your fifth house of fame, and all eyes will be on you. While you’ll want to be careful about technological mishaps and crossed signals (Mercury retrograde can create chaos when it comes to getting a simple message across!), you could have a chance to spread a powerful message or promote a passion project—and win some raving fans if you do it with finesse!

Key Dates:
July 5: Sun-Jupiter trine

This is a brilliant day for business negotiations and pursuing your personal financial goals. If you’re looking for a new gig, be bold and proactive. Those traits may be exactly what the decision makers are looking for!

Love Days: 27, 6
Money Days:12, 19
Luck Days: 10, 18
Off Days: 16, 8

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