Career benefits continue to make you smile as June begins. There might be a slight power struggle at home near June 5 because you’ll want to focus on your professional life more than domestic matters, but it should pass quickly. In fact, you’ll want to keep your focus on your career goals until June 13.

It’s after that point that Venus will move out of your 10th House of Career and into your 11th House of Associates and Groups (where she’ll remain through July 9). Once this happens, you’re going to feel a decided shift in priorities. Time with friends, recreational activities, and having good, clean fun with those you love will be what you’re after. Since Venus will be moving into Leo, you’ll want to spend more time out in the Sun and may find yourself participating in more outdoor activities. Time with children will also make your heart happy. If there’s a creative project you want to get off the ground, you might enlist the help of a friend or two to help you get your juices flowing.

An educational opportunity might even present itself to you after June 13. This doesn’t have to be you going back to college (although it can be). You might be more interested in getting a license or certification that helps you become even more marketable in your field. It could also be that you simply pursue advanced knowledge on a subject matter that you find completely fascinating.

In terms of love and romance, it will be a big month. If you’re into online dating, there’s every indication that you’ll have more luck this month than usual with it. The truth of the matter, however, is that you might not have to do much of anything to meet someone if you’re single — just get out there and enjoy living your life! With Venus in the most social area of your chart, love can come your way while you’re out and about having fun, so try not to worry about it.

If you are single and do meet someone by the end of the month, there is one word of advice: Take the physical part of this relationship extra slow. Mars, the planet of motivation and sexual energy, will slow down to a crawl and turn retrograde by June 26. Mars will remain retrograde mainly through your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure until August 27, strongly suggesting that any new sexual relationship will not be as satisfying as you’d like. If, however, you have an opportunity to recycle a former lover and this is something you’re interested in, then have at it. That’s the kind of sex you’re most likely to enjoy.

The bigger picture of Mars retrograde in this area of your chart will lead you to recalibrate how you’re pursuing pleasure, expressing your creativity, and asserting yourself with your children. If you’re trying to conceive and have been having any trouble, this will be a good time to visit a fertility specialist. You may find an unusual solution.


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