Libra Sun Aquarius Rising

Friendly, intuitive Aquarius fits wonderfully with a Likable Libra ego, to produce the best people skills in the zodiac. These people experience plugged-in, accurate first impressions that guide their judgment and endear them to their peers. And they love to share their humor! Without even realizing it, their high-strung behavior sometimes leads to actions that people find hilarious. But these folks are definitely Big Attitude! And who knows how that attitude will appear? Will it be electric, explosive, friendly and magnetic? Or endlessly argumentative, fraught with a will to disagree? Well, you can count on this much: It’ll be powerful and obvious.


However, poor taste in associates can be a real problem for these loads-of-laughs Librans. Nothing can bring out their argumentative side more quickly than intensity, and intensity is easy to come by with determined Aquarius in the house. But their Likable Libra just wilts when they can’t please and appease just about everyone—they need to understand that not everyone is amenable. And in a Libra/Aquarius combination, uncomfortable relationships might well include their most important commitments. There might be an obstinate or manipulative ex-husband or ex-wife in the picture who’s determined to aggravate and annoy. In instances like these, Librans born early afternoon are best advised to take a firm position but keep their sense of humor, to remove themselves as much as possible, and to focus their funny-bone sensibilities on good friends and appreciative colleagues. They’ll hopefully realize that the new people they haven’t met yet will bring big improvements.

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