Libra Sun Aries Moon

You are likely to appear a good deal more daring and aggressive than you really are, for you are a fundamentally gentle soul who wants chiefly to be let alone. All you really ask of the world is that it should forget about you and let you go your own way in peace; for you are self-sufficient and believe in the “live and let live” doctrine. The difficulty is that other people have a way of demanding attention, or of asking you to alter your modes of doing, thinking, or living, and you refuse to be budged. You are apparently tractable, reasonable, and calm, but there’s a bar of iron in your nature that surprises people when they first see, or feel, it. Independence is likely to lead you into weird paths, for as you go along you develop odd notions and can easily become a first-class eccentric. You seem to delight in actions and ideas that everyone else thinks are cracked, which does not in the least interfere with your serious contemplation of them. You are likely to go in for spiritualism, magnetic healing, tea-leaf reading, crystal gazing, ‘share the wealth chain letters – all with a serious absorption that is the despair of your friends. You have no hesitancy in airing the most outlandish views on all subjects. This is a romantic position, as well as that of a sensationalist, and you’ll have to look out that strange companions do not lead you astray, or vice versa.

This is a somewhat difficult position. You find cooperation with the world difficult and will succeed best in some highly practical and private occupation – craftsmanship of some sort, where you can work alone. Your independence makes it difficult for you to get married, but you really need the support and companionship of others, though you may not believe this. Cooperation is the keynote of your happiness, and if you can bring yourself to sacrifice some of your freedom and independence, life will be a much happier and more peaceful adventure for you.

Grant Lewi

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  1. Rachael Wojciechowski

    Hi, just wanted to inform the administration of this sight that they are missing a few libra signs, such as taurus moon, gemini moon, and leo moon. This likely applies to other combinations on the domain. I’d appreciate if these could be added for future studies. Thank you!

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