Libra Sun Cancer Moon

You are exceedingly adaptable and able to take on the color of your surroundings, much to your advantage in the business and social worlds. Your adaptability, coupled with quickness of perception, endears you to people of importance and makes your rise rapid and even spectacular. Your are sensitive, intellectually as well as emotionally, and feel your way carefully, if quickly, in contacts with people. You have a habit of anticipating what another person is thinking and fitting your mood and opinion to his. Your manner is inherently flattering without being subservient or obsequious, for you have a keen sense of your own dignity and importance. Innately peaceful and tactful, you will avoid argument and strife if you possibly can, by forestalling unpleasant situations. But where your pride or your personal rights are interfered with, you will fight and are capable of a good deal of temper and temperament.

You are an individualist so far as you yourself are concerned, but you have little interest in the rights of others. By minding your own business you manage not to interfere with others, but you aren’t a fighter for social justice or the rights of the masses. Your aims and philosophies are pretty well centered in yourself, and though you can grasp generalities they don’t interest you especially. Your flexibility and adaptability can amount to weakness if you allow the personal, romantic, sensational side of your nature to dominate, for then the desire to please takes destructive form, and you please people who aren’t worth it and agree to ideas that are fundamentally unsound. You have to look out for this because, under the spell of romance or emotional stimulus, your “willingness” can absorb your “will.”

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Sun in Libra, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Sun in Libra’s social butterfly routine will make Moon in Cancer feel very insecure. However, Libra loves to please, and Cancer needs to be needed. Despite their differences, these two can bond, or become enmeshed in a co-dependent relationship.

Sun in Libra is the expert socializer. He knows the steps to the dance because he is highly attuned to how others respond. He doesn’t just enjoy being social, he craves it. His purpose is to be involved in harmonious exchanges with a variety of people.

Moon in Cancer needs to mother someone. She feels most secure when she’s making her lover feel good, and this will usually involve food, hugs and a cozy domestic environment. Moon in Cancer also needs to be cared for, although this may become distorted when she’s feeling insecure. Her Shadow emerges as the (s)mothering partner who keeps her lover dependent on her care, by alternating moody withdrawal with an overabundance of concern.

Sun in Libra will enjoy Cancer’s warm support and her continuous validation. Moon in Cancer will feel secure as Libra constantly checks in to ensure she’s happy. However, tension will emerge when Cancer feels threatened by Libra’s social connections. He’ll rush to assure her that she’s the only one for him, while feeling resentful that he has to do this. At the same time, Libra will not be able to tolerate Cancer’s moody sulks, and will do everything in his power to restore harmony. In order to prevent this relationship from spiraling into an anxious, needy mess, both partners will need to detach a little from the other. Sun in Libra will have to realize that he can’t always keep Cancer happy, and Moon in Cancer will need to loosen her loving grip by giving her partner breathing room.


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