Libra Sun Capricorn Moon

You are purposeful. you know what you want, and one way or another you’re likely to get it. You have tact and a gift for managing people that usually puts you out in front, whatever your scope or circle may be.

Under any circumstances you are a highly reckonable person, socially competent, and able to manage your own life, your own circle, and probably a much larger circle, to your own satisfaction and their benefit. You may be a very domineering person or you may be sweet and gracious, but whichever you may appear on the surface, those who know you understand well enough that you aren’t going to be successfully opposed and that some way or other things will work out the way you want them to. You have a tremendous amount of self-respect, even ego. Personal popularity you like, but you must see in your world the tangible evidence of your worth and you see to it that it is there. This is a highly variable position and may make you arrogant and bold or diplomatic and gracious; but in any case, the underlying motive is the same: you want the good opinion of your world, and you take the means which that world calls for. You’re an opportunist and can build a single stone of opportunity into a whole skyscraper of success single-handed. Your driving force is great and you have a sense for the feelings and opinions of others that is an extremely valuable asset; you’re highly aware of other people as they touch you, though you have no sense of impersonal social matters and aren’t likely to be found in humanitarian enterprises. Life is real and earnest to you but it is also highly personal and a little selfish and self-centered. But you are so sensitive to the feelings of others and to your own need of their good opinion that you endear yourself to those around you, who both recognize your worth and love you.

Grant Lewi

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