Libra Sun Capricorn Rising

Now here come “the benevolent manipulators,” who never raise their voice, and keep everyone happy and cooperating. These Librans are generally able to manipulate circumstances in such a way that everyone ends up satisfied. They return to work day after day, feeling good about their contribution. And never are these management skills more pronounced than when Capricorn, “the boss,” rises. Librans born around noontime are so patient over the long haul, and so well-equipped to make do under difficult circumstances, that they’re able to ride out just about any storm with a “tomorrow’s another day” sensibility They know that what goes around comes around, so they’re masters at staying at the helm and keeping things together. But remember, both Libra and Capricorn are active signs, so their moment-to-moment behavior might be more hurried, impatient, and pushy than their long haul, “goes around, comes around” sensibility. Nonetheless, these Librans bear up under the strain with their Capricorn “somebody’s gotta do it,” troll-under-the-bridge approach, never losing sight of the need to keep others motivated, or at least accommodated. And the more people there are to keep happy the more satisfied these Librans are. When leadership needs to be fair and patient, yet firm and authoritative, these people are the perfect fit for the front office. They’re never intimidated by shouting or swayed by melodramatic emotions. They’ll be fair with their decisions and generous in their judgments, but they’ll never accept “I don’t wanna do it” as a legitimate excuse for anything. After all, “Somebody’s gotta do it!” From their own personal experience, they’ve learned all about doing what needs to be done, regardless of their druthers.

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