Libra Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

You have a magnetic personality, voluble, expressive, talkative, with an ability to hold audiences. You live up to the limit of your capabilities, all your talents finding expression, and you give the impression of doing things so easily that people imagine they see great deep wells under the surface of your facility. You have a way of saying things that seems to give them significance beyond the actual ideas you convey. The illusion of universality hangs around you, and you have a kind of faith in yourself that people seem willing to accept at its face value. You are highly romantic and sentimental, and thus your appeal is very broad to the emotions, rather than to the intellect, although a certain intellectuality of manner and appearance gives the impression that you are being very profound. You always demand an audience and have an acute sense of what the public wants together with a desire, and an ability, to give it to them. In personal relationships you appear considerate and thoughtful through anticipating what your partner wants. You are mobile, versatile, and restless, and either your travels, your studies, or your influence will cover a wide range. You are rather more likely to be varied, romantic, and appealing than profound; for you don’t tend to delve deeply into things. You are quick mentally, and by running from one thing to another, appear to know a good deal. In rare cases this may lead to an exceptionally clever student, but in most cases you’ll get by without too much effort. You are avid for recognition but can well be content with it on a small scale, for the inner drive of ambition is not strong. Circumstances usually conspire to reward your charming personality with a good share of adulation and the world’s goods. You love the nice things of life and pretty generally manage to get some of them.

You are liable to feel sorry for yourself and dramatize yourself considerably, putting on acts of Weltschmerz, discouragement, woe, and gloom when even you won’t know how much is real and how much is made up. This position inclines to the possibility of two marriages, and, anyway, a good deal of romance.

Grant Lewi

Libra Sun Gemini Moon Personality Traits

Libra Sun Gemini Moon individuals are eloquent and convincing people who believe in honesty. They have a relaxed and positive attitude that will always keep them graceful.

While they may bother some people with their wit, many will appreciate them for being sincere and for having good intentions. What they hate the most in life is boredom and seeing that others are indifferent.

  • Libra Sun Gemini Moon personality is the spirit of the party.
  • They make others laugh and easily relax the tension in any situation.
  • They enjoy talking to different people, love to travel, to share their experiences and to make friends.
  • They are not as shallow as Gemini could be, but they have empathy and genuine understanding for people they meet.
  • However, they do not let it make them vulnerable and drain their energy.
  • These individuals are very youthful and playful.
  • They are incredibly flirtatious and it is usually naïve.
  • They are very creative, versatile, restless and curious.
  • Libra Sun Gemini Moon are witty and intelligent people who sometimes use their incredible diplomatic skills to their advantage by tricking others.
  • However, their ‘tricks’ are never meant to make anyone hurt; it is more of a game of wits. They simply cannot resist it.
  • They love talking. They talk about all sorts of themes and know no taboos. They are honest and straightforward, but they still measure their words.
  • Their calculated, calm Libra controls impulsive Gemini.
  • They do not take things to their heart and are capable of empathizing with others without wasting their own energy. That said, they are humanitarian and eager to help.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon in Love and Marriage

These people are free spirited and very sociable. They would never sit at home and miss out what is happening.

They remain very sociable regardless of if they get married or are in a serious relationship. Their lover or a married partner has to understand that.

They are naturally charismatic and charming, so they usually have no problem in winning the heart of a person they are interested in.

Best Match for Libra Sun Gemini Moon

The best match for these sociable people has to be someone free-spirited as they are; someone to exchange all of their experiences with them and through a verbal channel.

They need someone to talk to all the time.

It should be someone curious about various themes in life, only more focused and calmer in general.

They need a partner who will be their true friend and a lover.

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon man

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon man can be very lazy sometimes, not to mention that his Sun and Moon suggest he’s relaxed, smart and always full of ideas. Having both signs in the Air element, he’s like the wind: easygoing and always on the go.

Expect him to travel a lot. He won’t have any precise goals, living in the moment. As far as his ideal jobs go, he’s a great public speaker, teacher or travel agent.

A career would bring more stability into his life. He can convince anyone of anything because he knows what appeals to people. If you want to get him be surprising, open to talk and change your look from time to time.

Communication is key with him. He’s the type who goes after beauty and a red dress. Also some jewelry and a dramatic look.

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon woman

The Libra Sun Gemini Moon woman is so attractive and intelligent that she could charm anyone. This lady likes being supported by her husband from an emotional, physical and financial point of view.

Don’t think that she’s a gold digger because she isn’t. It’s very likely she’ll make her own living as she’s smart and interested in many things. But she changes her mind more often than others change their clothes.

Not to mention she can procrastinate for days. Just when you’ll expect her to do something important for work, she’ll say a headache doesn’t allow her to.

As a matter of fact, this is the lucky card hidden up her sleeve. Expect her to want to go to the casino and to parties, to watch football and to bet on her favorite teams. And game night will be the only time she prepares some food.


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