Libra Sun Gemini Rising

What’s not to like about a chatty-faced, obliging person who’s always interested enough to say, “Hi there! How are ya? Where ya from? I’ve been there! See ya later!”? Insanely curious about everything that breathes—and more!—Librans with Gemini rising are the sorts of people who are so superb at passing the time with cordial conversation that they’re the perfect elevator companions. No uptight, zipped-lip, stare-at-the-numbers, “just get us to the top floor” here. They’re glib and interesting people, eagerly offering friends a ride to the airport, and never allowing any uncomfortable silence to fill the air during the trip. Being in motion while chatting up a storm suits their Jitterbug Gemini personality, and keeping people happy satiates their obliging Libra ego. So as long as they don’t let their conversation degenerate into rambling nonsense or hurtful rumors, they’ll be greatly appreciated. Being as aware of others as Libra almost always is and possessing a penchant for yakkity-yakking as Gemini does, these Librans need to avoid crossing the line between chatting and gossip. Gemini’s flit-around nature enhances Likable Libra’s ability to earn friends and influence people for fun and profit. But if they get lost, scattered, or mistaken … God help us! It’ll take forever to get them back on track. Though, of course, they’re so charming there’s never any shortage of empathetic workers to get them up and running again.

[..]In management positions, they’re skilled at keeping their underlings informed and feeling considered. But again, there’s always a temptation to say more than is necessary or just ramble on about matters that are of no consequence—and if the subject is superficial, they can appear very flighty or shallow. Their mid-evening births are well-served by slowing down enough to double-check their facts. This also helps them avoid those helter-skelter, busy dizzy behavior patterns that make for missed appointments and broken promises. With their curiosity, sincerity, and helpful availability, these Librans have the potential to be more well-liked and deeply cherished than almost any other sun sign/rising sign combination; it’s simply a matter of making certain that their interactions with others result in mutual benefits rather than confusion, missed opportunities, and emotional estrangement.

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